Witch debut: Deadline 15th Feburary

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Witch debut: Deadline 15th Feburary

Post by New on Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:33 pm

Off vocal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_vPlFafpdk
Script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LTht2Zrv-DIXSqoCKQIptcjovUdqp5LwNZgJSRp7EOE/edit
Lyrics run through with music: mediafire.com listen/g5ywaqabnwkfn79/Witch+trial+run+music.mp3
Lyrics run through without music: mediafire.com listen/19l953a0x7799a7/Witch+trial+run+acapella.mp3
Line dump:

What to do?

1. Record your lines as allocated in the script; you may choose between the higher part or lower part to do when recording the chorus part, you may do both the higher and lower parts and send them in separate files, you may try out harmonies if you wish and send them in separate files.

2. Dump all lines in the line dump above!

3. Notify me when you've done your lines please xxx

(any other questions, please ask)

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